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Why take music lessons?
  • Learning to play an instrument has several rewards besides the ability to make one's own music. Learning an instrument teaches discipline, patience, commitment, and endurance.

  • It takes discipline to schedule in practice time instead of surfing the internet.

  • It takes patience and endurance to build up skills and work through a troublesome section of music instead of giving up.

  • It takes commitment to continue on in patience and endurance instead of moving on to another avenue of learning.

Why choose me instead of another teacher?
  • I love music.

  • I graduated magna cum laude from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.A. in music.

  • I am friendly, firm, kind, honest, and patient.

  • I love children and, as the oldest of nine children, I have many years of experience of interacting with children of various ages.

  • I am not fazed by misbehavior nor do I tolerate it.

  • I strive to be understanding, kind, and sympathetic to my students, especially if they are legitimately having a hard day emotionally.

  • I have experience teaching piano to the five youngest of my siblings (two brothers and three sisters) with the result that their piano skills have grown and that we still love each other and get along well with each other. 

Why choose an in-person instead of a video-conference lesson?*

     *COVID restrictions may change the legality of in-person lessons, but when in-person lessons are allowed, they should be chosen because:

  • It is hard to observe students, their posture, and what their hands are doing on the keyboard in video meetings. 

  • The sound quality is better in-person than over video.

  • It is impossible to manually adjust a student's posture or their hand position over a video if they are having trouble getting into the correct position.  

  • Video conferences are better than nothing, but they are not as conducive to learning as in-person meetings.​

Why not choose free online learning?
  • The internet has many wonderful resources by extremely skilled and accomplished teachers, but it cannot provide personal or immediate feedback about what you are doing well and about what you need to improve.

  • The internet does not provide the same accountability and motivation to practice as a weekly lesson that you are paying for.

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