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House Rules:


I want lessons to be an enjoyable time for everyone, and to accomplish that goal, we all need to be courteous and kind to each other and to the property, which is the first rule. All the other rules flow from this one and help specify what rule one looks like lived out. 


  1. Be courteous of others and of the property. Be kind to others and to the property. 

  2. Parking: Please park in front of the house, not in the driveway, so that you do not block in other students or get blocked in yourself. Also, make sure that you do not block the mailbox. When coming up to the house, please walk on the driveway and sidewalk (not in the yard) so that the plants in the yard and in the planting beds do not get squished (even in the winter). 

  3. Shoes: Please make sure that your shoes are clean before entering the house. There is a mat on the front porch where you can wipe your shoes.

  4. Family members waiting for students: Family members are welcome to quietly wait inside in the waiting room. Please remember to be gentle to the furniture and to wait quietly so as to not disturb lessons. If students or their families are unable to keep a low level of noise or to be gentle with the furniture, then the privilege of waiting inside may be revoked.  

  5. Please remember that there are certain things and certain rooms off limits, so please stay in the designated waiting area and do not touch items that I have not specified as being items that are able to be touched or played with. 

Thank you for abiding by these rules! 

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